Clean Air Offers

As technology and medical science have dramatically increased the average human life span, many people have begun to consider natural anti-aging remedies that can help them retain a youthful appearance as they age. Exposure to toxins in the air is one of the many chemical factors in modern aging, especially in the aging of the skin.

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A day in the life of cleaner air

Air quality and air quality testing in Edmonton can easily be taken for granted. Indoor air quality, however, is highly important for the operation of any business and industry, and needs to be looked after. Clean air, free of contaminants is needed for maintaining good overall health.

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Effects of clean air

Cleaner air is important to all of us: it affects our breathing, our sleep, our performance and even our skin. The quality of our air affects us in many different ways. Four individuals discuss the impact air has on our everyday life and what could be done to improve it.

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